Finding Balance

I am always in a quest to balance my life of working full time, keeping a full time business up and running, keeping our home organized and clean, and finding time for those little pleasures of life.  It feels like i need to throw in the major factor of limited levels of energy too.  I don’t know about you, but there are times when there is no energy left but there is alot to do.

In my quest to find tools to help me balance my life i stumbled on a website that offers a lot of great thoughts and ideas.  It is called, offering great strategy and thoughts.  One article i just read was particularly helpful to assessing why my life feels like it is out of balance.  The article

The Wheel of Life®

Finding Balance in Your Life

provided a visual way of tracking your satisfaction level in 10 areas of your life.  Quickly you can see where the low satisfaction is, and perhaps direct energy and time to those areas to bring them up.  If you are interested in the article click on the title, which i have linked to their website.

Here is the wheel they discuss:

Wheel of Life diagram taken from

The website allows you to actually create your own wheel… and here is mine:


As you can see, right now the areas of my life I need to improve are:

  1. My environment  (Clean my house!!!)
  2. Health and fitness (don;t we all have something in this area on our list?  Loose weight, strength train, go for more walks. etc)
  3. Money / Finance – this is getting better, but has been a stressor.

So that is what i am working on this week… improving my wheel, by improving areas that are at a deficit on the wheel!  one day this balancing act will get easier… and more second nature… i hope that day is soon!