Quiet weeks

Steve and I have not scheduled anything for the next two weeks so we can build up a supply of our products for the busy May season.  So the studio is buzzing with batches of soap in various forms… just poured and curing, unmolded and curing, cutting station, wrapping station and tubs of completed product.

So what batches have we just made?

Vetyver Vanilla –  Vetyver (also spelled Vetiver) is a fragrant grass grown in tropical locations, such as Haiti.  This is a standard middle note in both men’s and women’s fragrances and fragrance products.  We love it paired with a soft vanilla… so feminine, yet not overpowering.

process_soap 001

Almond Passionate Kiss – By popular request, to accompany our popular sugar scrub of the same fragrance, this soap offers a sweet and youthful air  that is breezey and almost cherry fragrance blended with a kiss of almond.  This bar uses fragrant oils, rather than essential oils.  We add soapers pink to give the bar a touch of color.  Lathers great, fragrance lasts long after the soap is used.

process_soap 008

Dragon’s Blood – Originally we made this recipe at the request of patrons of a Medieval Festival…. but we have read alot and are very impressed with the interesting provenance of this botanical that appears to be great  for your skin.  The scent is a clean and slightly floral botanical that is gender neutral.            Fun fact– We  found some very interesting art paper – Orange dragons stamped/embossed on a Chinese red heavy gauge tissue.  We could not resist wrapping the bar with this special paper.  Long after the Medieval Festival, we continue to sell this on a regular basis.

process_soap 005

That is what our soap studio has been making.  Ofcourse there are always pounds of soap in process of being made, cured, cut or wrapped…. i just wanted to call your attention to some of our growing best sellers.