Textile and Fiber Arts List

I am honored to tell you i join several hundred textile artists from 40 countries in my membership of the Textile and Fine Arts List, a web site and professional textile organization that features listings of our work.

Recently I applied, and presented a body of my silk dying work for jury.   I held my breath, and wondered if my work would pass the muster… I always worry and wonder if this is the case.  Thankfully the jury approved my work, and accepted me to the membership.

If you would like to visit the List click on the photo and you will be taken to the website:


My work lists under the business name of Images in Bloom, and i was able to link my etsy and blog to this page.  If you would like to see my page click on this photo and you will be taken to my page on the tafa list:


Such an honor to be in the company with amazing people with passion for textile and fiber.

For the artists there is a professional blog that will allow for communication, education and growth.  It is good to be a part of a community that wants to share, develop and grow.

Did i say this before?  I love my life as an artist.  I love the joy that art brings to life.  And i am blown away by the opportunities we have to develop, learn and grow.  And the beauty that art brings to life is one aspect that makes me feel very rich and blessed.