Community in action.

These last 3 years of starting a business, and finding a new direction for our lives has brought many lessons.  But perhaps the nicest lesson has been how open, and willing and supportive the Art and Creative community has been.

Willing to share information, give advice, offer recommendations for improvement, or sincere and honest feedback has been something rare.  But we have been privileged to be surrounded by good people willing to be a part of our lives and our creative endeavors.

And the idea of giving, not out of obligation, but of a full heart wanting to help has been a cornerstone of our lives too.

In this picture are (left to right) Brooke, Todd, and Sharie Renee, the organizer of the event
In this picture are (left to right) Brooke, Todd, and Sharie Renee, the organizer of the event

Yesterday the opportunity to give back came in a wonderful way.  Fellow Creative Entrepreneurs Brooke and Todd Theriot (owners of KoolPlatez), experienced major health emergencies this spring, with no health insurance.  Left with huge medical bills, and limited income, the creative community came together for a benefit last night at an amazing Mexican restaurant known as Lopez, on Lee Rd in Cleveland Heights.

The Theriots make interesting things out of old license plates… everything from keychaines and bracelets to wall hangings…

Lopez is a great trendy place, with muted colors, and lots of light.  The wait staff was wonderfully kind, and the food was over the top.  But seeing so many people gather to give what they could, in a way that was honoring, and uplifting made it a special and blessed time.  While the crowd was lighter than we had all hoped, those who came did so with a sincere heart and a desire to help if even in a small way.

If you are interested in contributing to the Theriot’s send me an email, or leave a comment and i will provide their info.

Steve and I counted it special that we could dig into our small savings and provide a gift.  While we would have loved to have given more, we are so thankful for what we could give, and pray that it be multiplied to bless them and relieve some of that huge and alarming debt.

lopezfood2 lopezfood

Pictured above were our wonderful dinners – Top is Steve’s Beef Brisket Wet Burrito, and below is my brisket hash with caso fresco… Delicious!!!!

And that is what we could as a special lesson… seeing people who are not related, apart from a common path in business, and a creative spirit, coming together and looking out for one another.  This is what makes our country great – neighbors helping each other, looking out for each other, and being there for times of need.   May it always remain this way.

And do consider a drive to Lopez Mexican Cantina on Lee Road if you are looking for amazing, better than any Mexican food you had kind of meal.   (click the picture to go to their website).   This restaurant was inspired by Rick Bayless, the absolute expert in all food south of the border.