Soap Available in Lyndhurst

Yes, we have been building our market to create a wholesale business endeavor… selling our soap at a lower “wholesale” price to which retailers with valid vendor licenses can purchase the product, and resell.

This is a move that we think will widen the base of our customers and will be one to easily expand the growth of.  I love it when things just begin to work out for us.  Steve and I sat down, crunched our numbers over and over until we had a formula for profitability at wholesaling, and my goodness, we just finished the wholesale agreement documentation when we were approached by two retailers for our products.  One is local to Northeastern Ohio, and the other is in Michigan.  Isn;t that how these things go?  Perfect timing for us.

Saturday we dropped our first wholesale order off to “No Whey” Chocolates on 5361 Mayfield Road Lyndhurst, OH 44124. (216) 544-3057.  She has a cute little shop on the north side of Mayfield, under a red awning.  Anyone who has either been at the farmers markets downtown, or out to Art on the Hill in Mantua will remember her as the frozen chocolate covered banana lady!  Yeah, now she has a brick and mortar shop, and has taken the plunge into the retail world.   She is a strict vegan, so she was very pleased to know our soaps meet her criteria, and she was delighted to have them to sell.

If you are east, please be sure to stop and visit her shop… and try her delicious no whey chocolates!  amazing!