Our retail presence has expanded


ecclecticOver the weekend we struck a deal with Ecclectic Boutique located at 2379 Professor Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.  Its a beautiful vintage storefront housing an amazing collection of gently worn clothing, shoes, and fashions.  I was actually visiting the small bridal boutique in the back room of her shop when she noticed my wire crochet bracelet and became interested.

silk_wire_for hessler 019

So I packed a box, and went to visit her, and we signed an agreement to carry my bracelets and pins.  Adding a small measure of exotic, handcrafted….

The owner of the business, Princess, incorporates her family in the operation of the business.  They recently moved into this space after 2 years on Scranton Avenue.  Yesterday was very brisk because of the Taste of Tremont event… but her timing to be there, be opened and welcoming really propelled the business.  At one point she said to me “in 2 hours we have done more business that I have for a whole month in the old location.”

So if you are looking for clothing that is amazing, slightly worn, trendy, a pop of color… visit eclectic closet boutique.