Caring for Silk

01102013 050Silk is a natural fiber, spun by silk worms who have spent a long time gorging on mulberry leaves.  Their cocoons are collected, and spun into fiber, and woven to create a wide selection of different thicknesses and styles of fabric.

Silk, unlike most fabric, needs gentle care, and love.  If you have a piece of silk here are some recommendations for caring for it:

1. wash in cool water with a gentle soap, such as baby shampoo.  Shampoo makes sense, because silk is alot like our own hair.  What will nourish our hair will also nourish and cleanse silk.

2. rinse in cool water – always cool water

3. use a small amount of either fabric softener or your favorite hair conditioner for the first rinse.

4. thoroughly rinse the silk.  If you have one small piece, pop it in your salad spinner, and spin out the excess water.  If you have large amounts of silk place them in your washing machine, and run the spin cycle to remove any excess water.

5. Iron with a cool iron to press crisp.