Pairing Scrubs with Soap

Did you ever love the scent of a  bar of soap, but wish that it was available in a scrub?

We have been busy developing soap and scrubs that match in scent.  Here are our current duos:

Lavender Soap pairs with Lavender Breeze Sugar Scrub – both have the strong top note of Lavender.  The scrub is softened by an under note or hint of Vanilla.

Rosemary Peppermint Soap is paired with Rosemary Peppermint Dead Sea Salt Scrub – we use the identical essential oils in both recipes.

Lemongrass Mint soap is paired with Lemongrass Mint Dead Sea Salt Scrub – also we are using the identical essential oils in both recipes.

Orange Cinnamon Bun  is paired with Orange Clove Sugar Scrub for a rich citrus and sweet spice fragrance that reminds me of Christmas, making a pommador of an orange studded with cloves that is slowly dried, and used to fragrance the closet. The soap has a top note of sweet cinnamon, while the scrub carries the clove.

Almond Passionate Kiss Soap is a slightly softer fragrant bar of soap than the Almond Passionate Kiss Sugar Scrub – both are very popular with the younger girls because of the sweet candy like fragrance .

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