A funny thing happened to us at Sauerkraut

Sunday of the Sauerkraut Festival was rolling along… but compared to Saturday this was the milder day… sales were sluggish, until a tall blonde woman stepped into the booth.  She identified herself as the owner of an exclusive boutique specializing in high end womens accessories and lingerie.  She loved my scarves, and bought all but 4 of them, and signed a wholesale agreement with me for an ongoing supply.

Huh, wait, i think i just lost it…. i didn,t say that to her, but in my mind i was thinking “This does not happen to me… it is too surreal… perhaps it is not real, and i just fell asleep.  But the woman then handed me a check for the silk, and i handed her the shopping bag of each silk neatly wrapped for transport.  It was real”

sauerkraut2013 074Copy of etsybanner052013 001

At times like this i have but one regret… i did not get the opportunity to photograph several of the silks that sold… and the only photo i have of them is above.  She especially loved the scarf draped over the mirror with the pink daisy flowers on a field of green gray.  That was my most favorite, and one that turned out different than planned, because the dye decided to act different than predicted.  But the results were a glorious watercolor effect.

LaSilhouetteSo my silks have found a home in Madeira Ohio, which i am told is a comfortably upwardly mobile suburb of Cincinnatti.  Her shop is called La Silhouette.  Thank you Britt for falling in love with my work.  I am honored that you see a connection to your business with my work.