Winter 2014

Refreshing and Reorganizing

I am not sure if you are feeling the same thing, but this winter has been an old fashioned ice box experience.  With the cold and the post holiday lull we have turned to revamping the space Steve uses to make and cure the soap.  He has been busy giving our old basement a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and we bought those interlocking floor tiles that are an inch think spongy dense foam…


Yes, Bright primary colors, but it sure beats a cold concrete basement floor.  And this high density foam floor mats offer a bit of cushion when you stand on them.   It is so nice to see the “soap studio” taking on a new, bright and highly organized look for 2014.  Now that we are organized we are also ready for the next step… make lots of soap!

Plotting out the year’s events:

We have pulled out our calendar for 2014 and begun to apply for events that we want to be a part of.  While we can never predict how an event will be year after year, some offer such promise, and hope of being wonderful, fun, profitable.  So yes, we have looked a the events we were part of last year that worked for us, and we are applying for them again…. and we are taking a little bigger step to look at larger events around the state, and even into Pennsylvania and Michigan.  We will keep you posted once we have a firm schedule.  for now it is a lot of notes on a calendar and checks issued from our account… and waiting.

Planning our products:

Recently i posted a short segment on our research into french green clay soap…. and that is the tip of the iceberg in terms of research.  We have done a careful look at our product line, and what sells well, and what does not.  We plan to phase out several varieties of the soap that have not been selling very well, and introduce new.

I can say for certain we will be rolling out a new shaving soap flavor that involves lime essential oil, and we have been developing a shaving cream that is organic and natural… which should be coming out early spring.  More details and photos as they become available.


Both of us have been booked to teach a class this late winter/early spring.

I have agreed to teach a wire crochet class at Beck Center in the end of March… which should be fun.  It is a two hours – two wednesdays in a row class, and the end result will be going home with your own wire crochet bracelet or brooch.

Steve will be teaching a cold processed soap making class at Art House in early March.  Participants will make a 1 pound loaf of soap, and several jars of salt scrub.  All supplies will be provided.

If you want more information on either class feel free to either leave a comment or email me using the link below:


Developing the Silk designs

This year i want to really bring another perspective to my work, and offer a second line of scarves that are not as bold and bright… I have received a lot of feedback that the colors are wonderful, but many people find it challenging to wear bright and bold colors… so i am working on a series of patterns for more gentle, subtle scarves.  Once i return to dying and trialing my ideas i will be posting the photos for you.

Winter is a time for hibernating from the fierce cold, but being indoors does not mean doing nothing!  We have been very busy getting life together and moving on to the next years plans.  Thank you for faithfully reading our blog.  We look forward to the year ahead, and all that i t may bring!