So the phone rings and….


So i was sitting in a meeting at the office when my cell phone began to ring…. OMG, it is the socially unacceptable thought to answer the call.. i silence the phone, and look at the caller ID, and it is a number i do not recognize.  An area code not around Northeastern Ohio.

When i finally got out of the meeting I also had an alert that I had a voice mail… so i listened.  It was someone in Las Vegas who wanted more information on our soap. She was given our contact information from a friend in Lorain County who buys and loves our soap.  And she is interested in making arrangements with us to be part of an event along the Black River in Lorain County this summer…

It is in these moments I am blown away that we are getting attention from places we had never imagined, and this is good.  Amazed that complete strangers from across the country are interested in our products.

This is why I love our art business.