More joy of Shibori

Yesterday I posted a few pictures of work in progress… i have been dying a large selection of silk in preparation for the Great Lakes Art Fair, a huge event in Novi Michigan next weekend.  Are you looking for a road trip a few hours away, to Detroit’s northern suburb?  Some of the photos of other artists work are stunning… from silver smiths and gold smiths, to lampwork bead makers, to glass blowers, wood workers, fiber artists, photographers, painters, sculptors and so much more.  We are thrilled to be able to say we will be in booth #633, displaying our soap, scrubs, shave products, as well as the silk, and wire crochet.


OK, so that was the commercial for Great Lakes… hope you can take a drive out.  We know it will be a lot of fun.

And back to what have i been doing with silk.  I have a few more photos of silk in process:

I spoke of using dye with a thinning agent, such as water or alcohol.  For my large 4 foot square shawl/ scarf I wanted a soft and watercolor feel, so the silk was dampened with water, and then the dye added to only the place closest to the center of the scarf.  With a big squeeze bottle, i applied rubbing alcohol to the dye, forcing it to dilute, and flow on to the rest of the silk… and it gave me that gradient watercolor sense i had hoped for.  I am still working on it, but here are a few shots:


The scarf has a soft feminine floral interpretation…. soft violets that mellow to a violet tinted off white, against a field of greens, and a center that is prominent in a watered down chartreause, and copper.  I love the binding lines, as they define such amazing space…   I must be honest and tell you i was selfishly dying this one for myself.  For our church choir for easter we are to wear purple… or black.  I thought i would rock a black pair of pants, black turtleneck and this scarf.. gets them both in, softens the black with spring colors.  I am hoping to be able to wear it for Easter, but if it sells, i can always try again.


And here is a close up of a portion of the centers.  I wanted a dye color that echos copper… and so i had to blend something up.  Considering that i had few choices, i blended a medium brown with apricot, and a touch of opaque white.  This seemed to be a good resemblance to copper, however you can see on the binding edges to the violet how the copper overpowered some of the edges and overflowed.

As i mentioned in previous posts, once all of the silk is complete and i have steamed it I plan a time of photographing everything for my records, and for posting.  I can hardly wait to show you the final outcome.

And here is another scarf:


I love greens.  The two colors that sell best for me are anything in green, or anything in a deep smokey red.  So that said, i wanted to bring a bright, and jewel toned set of colors.  Remembering that jewel tones are often set off by neutral or warm colors i added a pop of that same “home made copper” dye, which went vivid orange on this scarf.

This is a 15″ x 60″ scarf, habotai silk.  This pattern repeats 5 times on the piece of silk, with each rosette slightly different.  I added copper resist to accent the centers.


And one more bold color choice… meant to light up dull and drab.  The trend this spring is bright yellows with a soft smokey gray.  Hot pink gives way to a vivid tangerine, with a background field of chartreause, and centering bright yellow.  This pattern repeats several times over, and is accented by a small amount of gold metallic resist for emphasis.


The classic rose blend is always a popular pattern.  I had hoped the edges o fthe flower petals would become an hombre effect, blending from a bright poppy red to a deep cranberry.  The dye was not cooperating, and instead we had a seperation, giving us hot pink spaces where the dye had a war.  Interestingly the finished dye job looks like the big roses is popping out of a field of pink and cranberry flowers… so happy accident, and i like it.  I did a lot more work on the centers, adding gold resist fringe to the center.  In the sun it glistens with great sparkle.   This is also a 15″ x 60″ Habotai Silk Scarf.  It could really rock a basic dress, or enhance any outfit that has cranberry, or greens or even the chartreause.  It is a bold statement of confidence and femininity.