Throwback Thursday: Old Friends



An old and dear childhood friend, MaryAnn, contacted me recently with this photo. She was going through a box of old photos and found this one of the two of us. (Yes, i am the dark haired, deer caught in the headlights, kid on the left)  Perhaps i have just not thought about it, but wow, it is hard to believe how time has flown.  As children we were inseparable  spending a lot of weekends, and holidays together.  As we grew up, she moved to Florida, and it was not until recently she found me on Facebook.   Perhaps the last time we actually visited each other was around 1980 when i got married.  Our lives have gone in different directions, and we find that though there are great differences in who we have become as adults, we share that thread of our childhood, and the friendship we once found as front and center in our lives.