Wire Crochet Pins

Over the weekends when we are set up at events I like to keep my hands busy.  So wire crochet is at my side, working with a small batch of beads. and no pattern in mind.  When i work at home i have drawn diagrams of plans for the bracelets… and i strive to improve my plans each time i work on another bracelet.  But at the events i like to be imprompteau, and create something from the limited stock of vintage beads, and odd collection of seed beads.  So here is what i have created.,

And over the weekend two of my newest bracelets sold.  I had purchased unique cast bracelet closures – they are called the Mykonos Fish, after an ancient design of a fish, with a large fish hook that fits in and hooks the bracelet closed.  I had a variety of vintage blue glass beads, and mykonos clay beads in matte finish in washed out blue, and a deep ocean blue, and a rust to blue, that accented each other.  Here is the clasp, and the only picture i have of the Mykonos Fish bracelet (Its the one at the far right in the picture below).



vermillion sold

And my green forest design (shown on the left in this picture), with vintage ceramic leave beads that i cannot obtain any longer… so this is a definite one of, which now makes its home in Vermilion, Ohio.    One of the determinations i have made is before I head out to an event i need to fully photograph my creations… this is the only photo i have of both the Mykonos Fish, and the Green Forest Design.  bummer~ because you don;t fully see the design.

I promise to post better pictures of everything.