The Beauty of Cut Devore

It all starts with silk and rayon blend fabric…. either in a satin or velvet finish.  The fine point of devore is the use of a specific chemical paste that eats the rayon away, dissolving it, leaving the silk chiffon untouched.  Carefully laying down a stencil, and with the utmost care applying the paste, allowing the process time and then neutralizing and washing the fabric will result in amazing textured textiles.

I must admit i have a bottle of the devore paste, but i have not had the time to play with it yet.  But i have been buying material already prepared with patterning of “cut devore”, which is ready for dying, and fringe application.

If there were an era I run back to for inspiration it is the age known as Art Noveau – a transitional period between the High Victorian Era, and the Moderne/Art Deco era that took us through the 1930s. Art Noveau captures all of the beauty of design, with inspiration of nature.  The lines and patterns are curvaceous, with hints of luxury, sophistication, wealth.

Large pieces of Cut Devore were often fringed and placed on a grand piano as an embellishment.  These days smaller cut devore scarves are now called piano scarves for that reason.

I spent some time this past week dying a batch of cut devore, and i am in love.  Inspiration for color was ofcourse the current trend in pantone… the deep warm embrace of deep dark chocolate,  the warming glow of sweet potato, the elegance of paladian gold, vibrant hum of wasabi and the elegance of light eggplant with hints of gold.  Ahhh, such fun.  And here they are: