This was Hessler


Hessler is a very interesting two day festival that takes place on Hessler Street and Hessler Court, which form an L Shape.  Hessler Street is a brick street lined with large old homes, and Row Housing.  Hessler Court is lined with a few very fascinating old buildings, and one or two new construction buildings.  Artists and crafts people popped up tents and lined the street.  At the end of the L was the band stage… and at times the crowd swelled around that stage so much so that you could not pass through to other parts of the festival.

Weather posed a real threat in the morning of Saturday when the clouds opened up, and the water came down fast and furiously.  But by 1pm the rain had stopped, and the sun was out.  It was still damp cold, but we enjoyed the crowds that came out.  Sunday was the grand day, with thundering large crowds, a mingle of ordinary people, overdressed case grads, and super casual hippy-esque people.  A blend of cultures, a blend of styles.  Amazing….and such fun!