And the verdict is….


The email today contained that precious cargo of a message about the show in Michigan we were awaiting Jury decision.  And there it was… Dear Images In Bloom…. it is with deep sadness we must tell you….

Those are never good words to start an email, and at 6:45 am its not the way to start the day, i think.

Well, the email was kind, and constructive, and at the end i came away understanding that we were not rejected for our work, but the sheer amount of applicants made it impossible for everyone to have a space.  While the news was sad, the outcome was favorable, and actually he invited us to other events… so deep breath… we are ok.  Yes, we will be fine.

And we had actually been pursued by another show that weekend.  I was holding off for this news… now i know how we will proceed.

Yes, this is the crazy life of an art gypsy.  It is always an adventure that has an emotional component that needs to be handled carefully.  When it comes to business, its business, not personal.  But art is so personal… such a personal expression of what is in our soul.  That is why the visceral reaction to decisions of others.