Working at the wire crochet

Copper Wire

Crochet Hook

Tons of Beads

Nifty Jewelry Clasps


Strong Hands 



Yes, this is the formula for amazing and unique jewelry.  It is something that has grown from a passing fad to an outright obcession.  I cant tell you how many i have made over the last 4 years, but i can tell you that I have worked so hard to refine the appearance, hone the skills, and develop a sense of style and design that transcends the mundane.

Its funny but in my own life i am a simple dresser who wears only my wedding band and my vintage family ring given to me by my grandmother when i was 10.  But there is a little bit of diva in me that wants sparkle, a pop of color, and something to dazzle.

That said i have been working on a line of green wire crochet bracelets.


The first one is a delicate dance of seed beads, fasceted czech glass, and delicatas with a high polish shine.  I went for that vine swirl idea, where each cluster of flowers emerge from the vines, and the pattern repeats across the bracelet.The seed beads are a smokey light chartreause, and a peridot that is gold lined, and a medium green.  Vintage are the chartreause faceted balls in chartreause.

Swirling through the bracelet are soft light green, deep green and smokey gray seed beads, and the occassional fresh water pearl.  The clasp is a silver tone vintage “book style” clasp.

IMG_2709[1]And one type of wire work i don’t do often any more is Viking Knitting.  Its a time consuming process of weaving wire into a tubular form using a dowl, or pencil, or wooden spoon handle.  The end result can be magnificent.  Viking Knitting is names for the style of jewelry crafted by the vikings.  Found in tombs, this style has come back in fashion periodically.  But I don;t like things plain, so i added a ton of beads to create a “cha cha” bracelete.  All tones of green, with little brass birds, and copper vintage cage beads.  The clasp is a simple toggle in antique copper.

That has been my project in preparation for Waterloo.  More photos as my next few pieces are finished.