Thank you Waterloo!

Saturday the weather could have not been better… It was sunny and warm – classic summer weather for an art fest.

We got to Waterloo at a bit after 9am to begin the set up process… and found ourselves waiting in a long line of cars.  We were so glad to be there early because as more and more people arrived it seemed a bit chaotic with cars, and tents and such.  But we quickly found our spot and dropped our supplies at the curb.  I stayed with the gear, and began setting up while Steve parked the car.

We were at a great spot on the street, about half way between two music venues, and near lots of the food…. which rocked.  It was a very hot day though, and for the first time this year i felt the heat, and the zap of energy that heat takes from you.  So i did not wander the festival like i usually do.   It was a great day and we had a blast…. met so many new friends, and some friends i have been tweeting with .  And my cousin’s son stopped.  We discovered each other through a combination of my sharing my photos with a hashtag #thisiscle, and another cousin’s awareness of our business.  So it was also a family reunion of sorts.  I love that about our business… you never know who will stop and what will happen, but it is always such fun.  Well, here are the pictures i took of the day…

Thank you Arts Collinwood for a wonderful day, with swelling crowds of people, great music, wonderful food, and a prosperous day.  We had a blast.  Our neighbors on the left sold screen printed CLE t-shirts.  Neighbors on the right drove in from Pittsburg with lovely purses sewed with wonderful skill and style.  All said, great group of vendors, and work that was inspirational.  We were delighted to be there.