Videos of Waterloo

In recent posts i mentioned that i am trying to capture a short video of each event…. so here are my videos of Waterloo.

We now have a youtube account – so if you want to keep up with our videos, search for “imagesinbloom” on youtube and you will find our short videos.

The first video is scanning the street from outside our booth… This was how it was all day – always a steady crowd of people wandering the street, visiting booths, sniffing soap, enjoying the weather.


The second video is that of the large bird puppet that took three handlers.  The wings and body were beautifully hand dyed silk.  (Yes, for those of us who do Shibori i recognized it immediate as Itajame Shibori – a process of folding the silk, then clamping it and dip dying.  The pressure of the clamps holds that portion of silk from being dyed due to pressure on the silk.  The dye wants to run and spread on the silk, but creating the pressure barrier limites what the dye can do.  This process of repositioning the clamps several times is repeated until the various colors are dyed.  Beautiful bird, with handlers that maximized the wind.  Simply beautiful.