Summer Pure and Simple

It is warm, and sunny, and clearly summer has arrived in Northeastern Ohio.  Summer can have so many meanings, varying with the person.  But one word we love is Simple!  Shedding all of those winter clothes, and enjoying the elements with maximum simplicity.  This word comes from Diane at The Log Cabin Gallery in Penninsula.  What a charming spot, and a gallery owner with an eye for beauty.  Among the summer exhibit at the gallery are her amazing photography… misty lake scenes, and gentle rolling country… And there are amazing pieces of glass work, blown , and leaded.  And then there is the gal that folds paper into amazing objects, and jewelry.  Wildlife Carvings, mixed media, textiles, jewelry, gourds, watercolors and pen and ink drawings, and beautiful traditional quilts.

If you are driving around, or spending the day on the bike trail along the canal, or taking the train, be sure to stop in Peninsula at the Log Cabin Gallery… its a hidden gem in the town, just west of downtown, and just up the hill.