Leaders are readers


Reading is a gift.  It is a powerful source of information.  In that quest to learn more, grow more well rounded, and understand more of the nuances of business I have come across a number of amazing articles and thoughts on the concept of leadership.

Lets agree right here that to have a business, and set a course to be an entrepreneur one needs to develop leadership.  Currently with just a two person business the leadership is relative, but as the business will grow both Steve and I need to have a defined sense of direction, clear goals, and a vision for how this will develop.

Books and articles written by those who have gone before me in building their business, their art, and themselves often have great nuggets to share.  On my part i need to take the time to read, soak in the knowledge, and apply what i have learned.

A long time ago someone told me “Readers are Leaders”.  Why?  Because of that very determination to continue to grow, learn and understand.

So what am i reading these days?  I have a book going with my Tuesday evening ladies group… we read a chapter a week, and gather to discuss.  While we are 6 different women, from different life experiences, we come together to cherish this time,  glean from the reading, and develop our friendship.

Seperately, for myself i have started a book titled “Stripped” by Lena Abujamra.  She is a fascinating woman – Emergency Room Physician, Pediatrician, Writer, Speaker.  And her book explores the process of transforming a life for greater purpose.  I was attracted to the title because I felt that the life I once knew was literally stripped away from me, giving birth to this business, and a grand adventure.  By the way, I am so very thankful for that process of stripping away all of the unnecessary parts of life to find the truth and meaning of a purposeful and simple life.


For the business Steve and I are reading a book called “Launch”, a business book that helps us think through how to develop our online presence in vibrant and new ways.  We have been working on a chapter every other day.

Why does it matter if we are readers?  It is the old “input~output” idea.  What we feed ourselves, whether literally, or figuratively, becomes what we are.  Food is the most logical and visible example of this…. what we eat affects how we feel, what we look like, and our overall health.  Some foods will give us great energy, boost our metabolism  strengthen and support our thinking, our eyes, our skin… etc.  And other food may taste amazing but it slows us down, adds pounds to the hips, and perhaps gives us an allergic reaction.

Just like food, books are food for life.  Wisdom that can be applied to life, or a clear answer to that baffling question.  Books can motivate, inspire, or even take you away to another world, and another time.

Confession – as a child, probably because of my problems with my eyes, i did not like to read.  I struggled reading aloud in class, and even had to have extra help with pronouncing words correctly.   But that was a lifetime ago.  As an only child reading took me away and showed me vast worlds of imagination, and inspiration that moved my soul.  Reading still does that.

And i hope it always will.