WoodsStock is tomorrow




There is quite a buzz in Toledo about this little event tomorrow.  And there is quite a buzz at Images in Bloom.  Our little soap and silk studios have been bustling with activity to get ready for it… and this is an exciting one.  WoodsStock is coming up tomorrow and that should be a hoot.

Woodsstock is a one day fundraiser for the Schedel Gardens, located about 15 minutes from Toledo.  We are thrilled that we made the jury approval and received the invitation to be there. The name, WoodsStock is in homage to the original hippy festival of the 1960s, but because  Its a long day, but lots of music, and lots of good food are part of the day.  If you would like to read what the Toledo media is saying about it click on the photo of the band above, and you will go to the Toledo City Paper to read the full article.


Our day starts with rolling out the door at 5am, picking up our super helper, Don, getting some breakfast and driving to Elsmore, Ohio.  Its a 90 mile drive and a straight shot on the Ohio Turnpike.  We get there and set up starts immediately, as we need to be up and ready for the day by 9am.  Doors open to the public at 10a, and music on two stages kicks off at 11am…

The van is packed, every piece of soap is wrapped, scrubs are sealed and labeled, silk is pressed… and off we go.


Weather is still a concern – predicting scattered showers throughout the day.  But we are hopeful, ever so hopeful that the storms can pass us by.    The nice thing is that should it rain we have a number of hours to dry out.  So we are packing the rain ponchos, extra clothes should the temp really drop, and i think we are set.  The event goes till 10pm.