Mentors and Cheerleaders

I remember when i was 6 years old i was in awe of my mom , and my aunts because they could cook and bake like Martha Stewart.  I remember trying to help with baking Christmas Cookies, and i think there was more flour on me than in the cookies…. but as a newbie just starting to learn there was so much to discover.  One of the first clear thoughts I had was to respect and listen to those who knew more, had more experience, and could share skills.

I grew up baking with my mom, and came to love those times in the kitchen together.  And baking is a skill my mom encouraged, developed, cheered me on with.

Growing a business is a lot like baking.  You can see those who are a bit farther down the road, honing their skills at bookkeeping, marketing, market development, and product development.  I just love to sit and soak in the experience, ask questions and grow in my knowledge of how to do business based on skills others have honed.  Likewise Steve and I have always felt there is a need to allow that knowledge to flow on to others.  That model of having someone mentor me, and i in turn mentor someone else is a very successful one.    I can list a few people that have taken the time to really help, encourage, direct and foster a new skill.

In an article Miranda Morley offers these reasons to have a mentor:

If you are striving to grow your business, find a mentor.  If you have need to develop a skill, such as web design, photographing your products, copy writing, web design, find a mentor.  People are out there, and willing to share their knowledge.  We just need to be willing to receive and act on it.