WoodsStock from the rear view mirror


Saturday began for us at a super early alarm, and on the road by 5am.  We were tired but had high hopes of a wonderful day.  It was a spectacular venue of 27 acres of well kept botanical gardens that would make a perfect backdrop for art and music.  But one eye was on the radar, and the weather was promising 30-50% chance of rain.  We were able to drive in and leave our vehicle right behind the tent on set up… and had lovely neighbors.  On one side our neighbor did amazing prints and woven things.  On the other side was a jewelry person.  And across from us was a lovely woman with amazing pottery.  Beautiful things, highly skilled artists in almost every media you could imagine, but the weather changed the plans.  At about 9am, just after we set up a gentle drizzle began, and quickly moved to constant downpour, lightening and thunder, and we scrambled to load our sides on, and huddle inside the tent.  And the radar showed a cell stuck overhead.  And that storm cell stalled for 6 hours right over us.  Only the volunteers were there.  No patrons were braving the weather.  And being so close to Toledo we hoped to draw people from that great city, but learned quickly of the water issues with Toledo water supply, meaning nobody could shower, wash, or drink water.  Could it get any more challenging?

So we hunkered down, waited it out, and by about 3pm the drizzle had fizzled, and we were beginning to take down some of our sides of the tent. The sun came out, and slowly people began to arrive.  The bands began to play… the smell of food cooking wafted in the air.  AAAH, this is what we hoped for.  But because of the loss of prime shopping time, we were all quite sad and sales were slow.

Would we try this again?  Absolutely.  But we will be praying for weeks before asking for wonderful weather.