Local Food Fest Peninsula 2014

Steve and I have a passion for local grown food.  We love having those fresh vegies from the garden… or the thrill of washing off a vegetable right in the garden and chomping down on it.  The smells are trememdous, the flavors vibrant, and there is a peace at knowing they are chemical free.  Commercially grown produce, and meat is something beyond our control.    There are so many factors to consider.  I found a fabulous article put out by the state of Utah which worked through the analysis of why local is better.  Here are a few points that resonate with me.

• Did you know that when farmers sell directly to you, they retain a greater portion of the value-added costs typically
captured by large firms (“middlemen”) further down the supply chain? This minor fact helps preserve small farms
and sustain rural communities (Gale, 1997).
• When you purchase more of your food locally, more of the money you spend remains in the local community. On
average, it is estimated that buying local keeps approximately 65% of your dollar within the community, whereas shopping
at large chain stores keeps only 40%.
• Nationally, small businesses are the largest employer, so voting with your dollar provides more jobs in your
• When restaurants, hospitals, and other entities source and advertise local foods, this is a proven successful strategy to
attract employees and patients.
• Buying local increases our nation’s food security in the event of international conflict.

Wow, food security is coming into sharper focus these days.  Remember not so long ago the food scares on the dog food made in china.  Yep, when its out of our control its possibly a problem. And over the weekend we all witnessed the impact of algae bloom in the water to the Toledo Ohio area water supply.  Local is very important for many reasons – among which include safety, economic benefit, and convenience.  That said, we are thrilled to be a part of :

Yes, Its the Local Food Fest in Peninsula on August 10th, and we jumped at the chance.  This fest will be held on Main Street in downtown Peninsula from 10a to 4pm.  There are a number of local farmers, food producers, bakers, and ofcourse we will be there with our soap and scrubs.



Among the vendors listed are a number of amazing fresh farm produce stands, fresh baked bread, natural dog products, and jely made from wine.  We have competition in the soap because there is someone who makes soap in the shape of pierogis… ok, thats a new one.