Whats coming up this week


Soap Shots 016


We have a lot of back office work to catch up on.  Here is our rundown of what we will plan to accomplish:

  • Soap  – We have 6 trays of soap to wrap  – 2 trays alone are our best seller, Pink Himalayan Salt Soap
  • Boxes to make – did you know we make our own boxes for the shave soap and the facial bars?  Yes, i cut each box by hand, and hand fold.
  • Silk Banner – Our “Images in Bloom Banner is getting to the edge of its life, and that said, i have begun the design of a new banner to replace the old faithful that has been with us for 4 years.  I did some work on the old one last week, after washing it I applied an interface backing, and hemmed the top and bottom with a chocolate brown heavy weight cotton material.  Plan is to do the second one for hanging outside the tent and the old one hanging inside.
  • Silk – I am in process with a dozen pieces and need to put time in with completion of the dying, applying metallic resist accents, and steaming them.
  • Deliveries – we have two galleries to visit and deliver replenishment of supplies.
  • A new gallery – Steve will be visiting a new  gallery that expressed interest in our soap.
  • I am working on wire crochet while in transit on the bus, and at lunch.  I need to create at least a dozen more pieces for our big event in York
  • Working on signs for the new products – especially the jewelweed.


Our week is culminating with a wonderful local event in Peninsula on Sunday, August 10th.  We were invited to participate in the event by Diane Seskes, owner of the Log Cabin Gallery.  The event is Peninsula’s Local Food Fest.  Here is what Explore Peninsula writes about the event:

localfoodpeninsulaWhile the emphasis is on food, and the fresher and more local, the better, we believe that our products meet that criteria of fresh, wholesome, natural and healthy.  And for the event we are thrilled to say we are fully stocked with jewelweed soap, perfect for those bug bites and poison ivy encounters.  Jewelweed is the natural solution for both.  We will also be rolling out jewel weed balm, made from olive oil infused with jewelweed, blended with bees wax and forming a thicker paste.  ideal for rubbing on affected areas.   Photos to follow.