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Summer is here, and so is the poison ivy and bug bite season…

Did you know that nature provides a natural remedy for poison ivy in the form of a plant, known as jewelweed.  The plant grows in shade areas at the edges of tree lined areas, and always is close to poison ivy.  We have written about Jewelweed and below is a link to an article in mid july.

Our soap is a wonderful cold processed formula that consists of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil infused with jewelweed, and scented with Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil.  All cold processed soap is blended with sodium hydroxide (also known as lye) to create the saponification (blending of oils with waters to form soap).  We also do a process known as superfatting.  Superfatting means that a small amount of additional oil is added to the formula beyond what the lye will neutralize.  When washing with superfatted soap skin is able to receive the small amount of oils as a moisturizer.  Normal non superfatted soap will strip the dirt (and the natural oils) from the skin.  We chose lavender and tea tree oil for the essential oils because lavender is a classic clean scent that is calming.  Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.  Together, with the natural properties of jewelweed, this soap would be helpful for poison ivy, and bug bites.

We have also infused olive oil with jewelweed, and are in development of a rub on bug bite stick.  (This should be available by mid August).

We are working to update our etsy shop with this listing.  If you are interested in a bar either contact us, or see us at one of the coming events on our schedule.

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