Yorkfest is coming

yorkvilleWe have a check list of things to accomplish before the drive to York… and the list is progressing quickly…. All of the soap is made, a few more bars left to wrap.  All of the silk is dyed, and detailed, and will be steamed tonight.  All of our gear is clean, fresh, and ready to go, and Big Bertha, our dome tent, is waiting to go back into action.  We plan to take her because she is so much more substantial, and would handle any kind of weather.

Invitations to those we know in the area have been sent, and we are looking forward to spending a couple days with Dear Aunt Alice.  We have not spent time with her in 4 years, and miss her so much.  She has graciously agreed to put us up for the weekend.  And our dog sitter/house watchers are on board…. dogs are a hand full, but thankfully the beagles alone are easy… and Daisy is mellowing in her mid life.

We looked at google maps to see what the area looks like, and it is quite interesting.  The fest stretches for 3 blocks, and includes the courtyard of the colonial courthouse.  Beyond the courthouse is the walking/bike path known as the rails and trails… and that is where we are assigned.  We are located close to the transit center, at West King Street, and here is what google maps displays for the location.  The transit center (aka bus stop) is at the right, and the trails are in the midst of the tree lined path at the center.  The left side is the Codorus River… thankfully i believe we are on the transit side.  (Mosquitos???)yorkrailstrails