Made in Ohio – REview


What a lovely saturday we had at Hale Farm and Village.  Our booth assignment was on the village green, 20 feet from the path that leads into the village…. and not a cloud was in the sky.  We brought big bertha, our hoop tent with us for this because we set up on friday evening… and wanted a sturdy tent that would stand strong should a storm come up.  Our location was great.  And the many artists were skilled, offering wonderful and amazing things.  Our neighbors on one side were photographers, offering amazing shots of nature and beautifully framed prints.  On the other side was Esperanza Threads, a community incubator that helps to finance training and education for woman.  All of their amazing things are beautiful woven fabrics, natural clothing, with a social cause.


It was quite warm, but we celebrated the sunshine, the swelling crowds and the wonderful time of talking and visiting with people.  Our soap sold well, as always, and our spray bottle for the scrub demos was the popular spot… we caught a number of people grab it and spray water on themselves, just to cool down.

We love Made in Ohio, and we especially love the day spent in such scenic and historic digs.