78th Street Studio – Update

Last friday we were invited to the 78th street studios, and specifially to the gallery space of Allan Kradlak, a ceramics artist, and his business partner Jeffrey Dube who works in metalsmithing extraordinare.  They rented us a 4 ft space at the back of the gallery, and wow was it a busy evening.  There was a constant flood of people through all of the galleries, mingling, sipping wine or beer, and buying art.  And buying soap… lots of soap.  We were there until 10pm and the crowds were still lingering…. and it was profitable for us.

That said, we have been invited to be a part of his space each month for that 3rd friday and plan to do this.

If you are looking for a fun and art immersed evening come out and visit 78th street studios, located between Detroit and Lake ave on Cleveland’s west side.  The building once was the home of the American Greetings creative studios.  It is now one of the white hot art destinations of the area.