As you may know, recently we bought our domain and turned the blog into a full website.  And everything was through our host, wordpress.com.  They notified me once the updates were in place to the domain, and with a few simple steps the blog and pages became the new site.

Two days later i began receiving calls from a guy who began “I this is David with Search Engine Start Up Dot Com, and we are contacting you because you were issued a temporary promo code to have your web site registered with all of the major search engines, to maximize your seo.  This code expires today, so you will need to contact us back to take advantage of this free offer….”

The first time the call came in I quickly answered it, not knowing who or what this was.  But my hackles were up, and it did not sit right with me.  I decided if they call back again i would allow it to go to voice mail, and when i had a minute i would research this company.  And that is what i did.

Search Engine Start Up Dot Com has a poor rating with the Better Business Bureau of Dallas, TX,  and has a history of complaints, and slow response to customer service issues.  They watch the records (public record) of all domain purchases, and use the list to sieze the opportunity to solicit the unwanted service.  They do actually work to help improve the visibility of website domains, but not for free.  They actually charge a monthy fee that ranges from $29.95 – $69.95 for their services.

As it so happens, i have been doing a lot of reading about search engine optimization, and with the help of some good tutorials, and a bit of time it is possible to achieve the same results at no cost, doing it myself.  If you are not as computer savvy, hire someone to help you with the seo .  But if you are up to a little research and work, try it yourself.  And be aware that there are preditory people out there wanting to take advantage of gaps in knowledge, sounding quite convincing, and making pressured offers.  Dont trust them until you do your homework to verify who you are about to do business with.

A quick google search of this company turned up a dozen listings as “possible scam, probably unethical, avoid at all cost”.  Here is one that jumped at me:



As an aside, there are a number of free tools online that help you improve your search engine optimization for your blog or website.

Microsoft offers a free downloadable tool and diagnostics:


The bottom line of this post is dont jump on every offer even if the timing is perfect to when an action was taken…. yes, it was 2 days after i bought our domain this began.  I am thankful I blocked the phone number, and reported it so there is a record to trace the fraudulent calls.  It is just so sad we live in an age when you have to always research before you take actions.