We will be in another Log Cabin Gallery for the fall

br_cabinEarly in the summer I was searching for new venues for our wonderful soap, shave kits, scrubs, and my silk.  On the Ohio Arts Council was a listing for a Holiday Pop Up Shop in a log cabin in Bainbridge, Ohio.  It sounded interesting, and the small village i knew in northern Ohio was a 30 minute drive from my home.  I tried to picture where this cabin was, but gave no more thought to it, sending off an email and photos, descriptions of our products and information about us to this listing.

To my delight the gallery owner was excited to have our things.  And within a few weeks the documents and directions arrived.  I briefly glanced at the deadlines, and set the correspondence aside for early October.  Saturday i pulled open my October file, and reviewed the documents, realizing we have to gather our products for her because the opening day of the gallery is October 17th.  It was at that moment I realized there are two Bainbridge, Ohio towns… and the charming log cabin that had agreed to our products was really located near Chillicothe, in southern Ohio, off US Route 50 about 4 miles west of Bainbridge itself.   Google maps quickly mapped it out to a little over a 3 hour drive there.  My heart sunk…. until i realized we could ship our products to her.  Yes, thank god for USPS!!!

Here it is:  Christmas in the Cabin!

The shop is opened from October 17th to December 14th except mondays. and is a charming mix of handcrafted work from the area, and the state.   The address is 7757 Cave Road,  Bainbridge Ohio  45612


Here is the write up from her website,  http://www.magicwaterstheatre.com/