Working with Sterling Silver

One of the challenges of being an artist is assignments – challenges to the skill set.

I took on one such challenge for one of our galleries for winter.  The request was to have at least half if not most of my work be “winter white”.  I am still thinking through the silk and how to dye to maximize white space, however for the wire crochet the answer was easy… lots of clear glass beads, vintage pearls, and sterling silver wire.   I began a week ago and have been furiously crocheting brooches that fit the description… with the occasional hint of a light pink pearl, or faint blue sea glass.   The sterling silver has a special feel, and is much more malleable to work with.  Because it is not coated, the wire will tarnish just as anything sterling will… but a soft cloth will gently wipe away the tarnish.

A few years ago i discovered the magic of silver and pearls together… something vintage, yet contemporary.  And i have always been very influenced by Victorian era, and Art Noveau… so the designs in my head began to find a voice with the crochet and beads.  I love the designs, but i never know how others will receive them.  That said, i posted photos on my business Facebook page, and the next thing i knew i had sold all of my first round of brooches.  So making lots more… busy, and eager to build up some stock again.

So that is the first round.  I have a lot more in the pipeline… and if you are so inclined, pray for me that i can create enough of them for the galleries requesting them.  (I think i can).    I did include one photo of the sterling silver viking knitting bracelets I also did… they are finished with capped ends, and a small drop of a few charms…  I found these amazing charms that are little birds, and snowflakes and my favorite are the little silver pinecones and they are too fun – i had to include them.