Beer Soap Debute

A few weeks ago while I was at the Textile Art Alliance Boutique when a fellow artist, Robbie Groden,  who owns and runs an amazing fiber art shop pitched a proposal…. “Do you make Beer Soap?”  Robbie is a talented fiber artist working extensively with alpaca, and fiber blended to her specifications.  Her work is amazing, vibrant and so very wearable.  Robbie’s studio and shop is like visiting a comfortable and inviting place.  Its like visiting your favorite aunt’s house where you are welcome, friendship and community are valued above all else, and where everything is a feast for the eyes.  “Beer soap – tell me more” was our reaction.  We chatted about the concept, and Steve went home to begin researching recipes.

Robbie watched as our soap (available next door to her shop at the Valley Arts Center) has been received well.  She told us she loved the way the soap is wrapped, loved the quality, and wanted something unique, different, and a unique line of

It is now three weeks later and the soap is made, cured and wrapped, labels printed to customized standard, and later today we deliver our first order to Robbie.  The beer soap is now exclusively available at Robbie’s shop located at 155 Bell Street in Chagrin Falls.


Here is a description of the soaps:

Black and Tan – a two toned bar of soap made with Guinness Draft Beer, and scented with an oatmeal/stout and honey almond.

Great Lakes IPA – using Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald IPA, this soap is a lighter beige brown and scented with a sweet orange, lemongrass and litsia cubiba essential oil blend.  (Yes, we fruited the beer!!!)

Killian Red – is a rich deep black soap with swirls of red, scented with a rich cassia oil, and colored with activated charcoal and Moroccan red clay.


So our soap will be there as part of the celebration of the 6th anniversary of the studio, and in conjunction with the artists reception of the new exhibit that opens friday night at Valley Art Center, located next door.  Hope you can stop out and check this out.