Life changes our plans

Several weeks ago Steve had a sudden onset of double vision, which took him to the Emergency Department for clarification of what is going on.  Double vision can occur for so many reasons, but for him the doctor believes it was related to his Diabetes.  The result has been a challenging several weeks, patching one eye to function, visits to the eye doctor, and being chauffeured around because driving is off limits.  We have been working around much of the symptoms, but the truth is some things are very challenging for him right now.

Our best layed plans of being at 78th street studios tonight have been reexamined and because his eye sight is just challenging we have decided to forgo the event.  But God willing, we will be back there for the 3rd Friday of December in Alan Kravlik and Jeff Dube’s studio space on the second floor.

Its hard to say no to planned events, but the balance is health…. when it comes to health you just cannot replace good decisions.

Hopefully this will resolve itself within a month.  Meanwhile we are trying to keep up the pace of production of our products, and keeping up with the demand…. Thankfully