Winter White Out at The Log Cabin Gallery

When Diane Seskes, the gallery owner of the Log Cabin Gallery in Peninsula, chose to call her winter gallery show “Winter White Out” our thoughts turned to the deep snow of January and February.  We never dreamed we would see as much of the fluffy white stuff as we have during the week leading up to her opening.  But here it is, custom ordered to coordinate with the beauty of winter captured in various art forms.  We were thrilled to be back in her gallery with our soaps, scrubs, some silk and a special run of the wire crochet jewelry done in sterling with vintage pearls.  Steve has been busy making batches of holiday focused soaps like Gift of the Maji – a gentle cold processed soap made with Coconut, Olive and Babassu Oils, scented with a blend of frankincense, Myrrh, Patchoili and Orange essential oils, and gold mica flakes turn the soap a rich gold with a shimmer.  This has been wildly popular in past years.  Rocky Mountain Christmas is a very interesting bar of soap – it is a gentle cold process formula that includes shea butter for moisturizing and with the addition of a fragrant oil blend with the top note a deep pine.  We add annatto seeds (familiar red seeds used in spanish cooking) for a texture, and colorant.  They make the soap look like it has wood knots…  So as you are reading this post Steve and I are on our way to do our work day at the Log Cabin Gallery.  I plan to take a lot more photos to share… but the best experience is visiting it yourself.  The sights, the sounds, the smells, the warmth only a wood-burner can provide, and the beauty of the peninsula scenery…. the log cabin perches high atop a bluff overlooking the cuyahoga river, and the cuyahoga valley line railroad.  And yes, you can hear the train as it chugs into quaint Peninsula.  I hope you can stop out and say hi.