Commissioned piece is finished

Several weeks ago i was approached by a woman to hand dye a large wrap scarf to be worn over a black outfit on a trip she is planning soon.  The color palate was the browns and coral/orange family.  I ordered a large piece of silk, and carefully strategized the pattern… creating a large medallion in the center of the scarf, with radiating patterns from that center.  And i am very excited at the outcome.  Here are a few photos of the work in progress. My camera captured not so true of colors…. the “yellows” are actually a beige/brass color.  There is one large medallion at the center, with a cascade of small floral forms leading to the outer edges.  If you wrap it as a cape these trail along the arm beautifully.  These are photos before I added a copper resist to accentuate the pattern.  I will be excited to see my customer’s response.  We are supposed to meet later today.   I found a lovely vintage cigar box to package the scarf… it will be a keepsake packaging. Love that idea.  More photos to follow.