Are you a lousy leader?


I just finished listening to a podcast titled “What are the qualities of lousy leaders?”  published by Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson publishing.  He is one of those voices of clear leadership, a discerning voice offering clarity on how to grow leadership skills.  I must say up front that I have followed Michael’s blog for the past 6-7 years, drawing great insight and practical wisdom for life itself.

Leadership is something we all deal with, whether it is our own self, or situations where it is someone else that is leading.  And all too often good leadership skills are lacking in our world.  So what are some of the characteristics of lousy leaders?

  • Lack of confidence and indecision
  • Arrogant and insecure
  • Disorganized
  • Words and actions erode trust
  • Over promise and under deliver
  • No clear vision
  • Don’t enroll others in the plans and vision
  • Not transparent
  • Blind to what happens in their organization
  • Dont hold themselves accountable.

Michael’s article can be reached by clicking on the “10 characteristics” banner above.

My questions are these:

  • As you read through the list of lousy leadership characteristics does this bring people or situations to mind?  – jot your thoughts down.
  • Self exam- as you read through the characteristics what jumps out at you as concerns or shortcomings of your own leadership?

Good leaders are always open to listening, and correction.  Non of us is naturally perfect at leadership.  It is in viewing material like this that we can begin to learn, develop, correct and grow.   Michael repeats a quote often that is a valuable one:

“We often learn the most from those who lead the worst”

Take the lessons that are in front of our lives as means to grow, sharpen and strengthen our own leadership.  It is a gift (although while you are in the situation with a lousy leader it does not seem so) to be given the living example to learn from.  Take heed and grow.