10 ways to celebrate Valentines Day

valeAre you romantic?  I am, and I just love the opportunity to have fun with holidays like Valentines day.  Here are 10 ways you can celebrate the day.  Each of us are energized by different things.  Years ago I read the best seller “Your Love Language”.  That book offered clarity that we are all different, and what will be encouraging to one person may not work for another.  My hubby feels most loved with acts of love – doing things that make the difference…. like nice meals, a clean house, organizing things.  I am more of a hugs and physical touch kind of person.  That said, my list is meant to be suggestions of what might be encouraging:

  1. Leave a handwritten card for your love – make sure to tell them something you love about them.
  2. Flowers – a fresh bouquet of tulips, or spring flowers, or if you have the big budget – roses.
  3. A long walk with your honey – put your snow boots on, bundle up and hike through a park enjoying the quiet and beauty of nature
  4. Take your honey to a coffee shop for something warm to drink, and snuggle in a quiet corner.
  5. Visit a favorite place together – My favorite is the art museum – just walking and viewing all of that wonderful creativity over the ages seems to brighten up my day.  My husband’s a lover of gardening, so it might be a visit to a large garden center greenhouse.
  6. Make a special meal at home.   So the question is – what is your honey’s favorite thing to eat?
  7. Go for a drive, and have no agenda – just drive until you find some place you might want to stop.
  8. Sleep in, and just snuggle (for us that is a rare treat)
  9. Chocolate – happiness comes in dark brown forms of rich and wonderful chocolate
  10. Time – spend quality time with each other, cut off the cell phone, tv, and ignore the world, just carving out that time together.

Whatever you do today, be there, present and engaged.  Its better than anything else on earth!