Do you blog?

Do you blog?  I hope you took part in the little poll above.   I am always curious about my readers, and would love to know if you actively write a blog, or not.

We live in such an exciting time when technology allows us to write posts, and potentially the entire world is our audience.  Honestly I must tell you that my first blog began at a time when life shifted from very predictable and comfortable to scary, uncertain and protracted in unfamiliar changes.  Many know our story was one of sudden loss of Steve’s career job, and 4 months later my job was downsized.  After a deep sigh it was time to regroup our midlife, and find a new course for it.  That blog was often cathartic writing to try to clear my head, or find some answers.  And it was a document of the many small miracles and indicators that there is a future, with hope for both of us.

Can a blog become a book?  I have always thought that the events of ordinary life might be interesting content for a book.  After our economic reversal it seemed clear that as we build a new life there is an “I’m a survivor and overcommer” story to be told.   I am thankful that someone told me many years ago to write and journal and document life because it may be helpful in the future.

And then Images in Bloom came along.  As we began a humble soap and silk business I wanted to document our process, the evolution and growth of a home based business.  It has been remarkable to see how we have grown and moved from those first days to the place we are now.  Why do i write the blog for Images In Bloom?

  • Document the growth of our business
  • Talk about the products we make
  • Educate others about what we are learning about building an art business
  • Provide feedback on various events
  • Inspire others to the entrepreneurial life.

I also semi-frequently write little quips and anecdotes about my adventures in public transportation on another blog… because what happens on public transportation is just so surprising.  From moments of mental illness to drunk people, bizarre behavior, and funky finds on the bus, there is both humor and life lessons to be found in those rides.  I have said for years that you cannot imagine to write such things, because truth is far more exotic than fiction.

So do you blog?  I would love to know about your blog, and what you write about.  Please leave me a comment.