We are on the road to Novi!

glafcolorHours are: Friday 1p-8p,  Saturday 10a – 6p and Sunday 11a-5p

Today is the day.. .the van is packed, the dog sitters are ready, and we are hitting the road for the Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi Michigan.  Its like planning and packing for a vacation, with one huge exception – there are a ton of product also being packed, along with our displays, our signs, and all of the supplies we will need to set up shop.

Its a story of being organized, and having great lists.  And that is exactly what i am looking at, checking off… down to the crazy little things like did i pack our phone charge cables?

We are headed to Novi Michigan, a northern outer suburb of Detroit, and a lovely community.  We applied for the Great Lakes Art Fair, held annually since 2009 at the Suburban Collection, a huge convention center space that is subdivided, and can have multiple large events going on at the same time.  The list of juried artists is over 200 artists from a number of states.  We are assigned booth 626.  We are curious to see who our neighbors are – they have business names like “Clover Stones” and Hattitudes by Elayne”, and we have the fabulous “Great Bread Company” across from us,  and lets not forget the several hundred artists with fiber, and watercolor, photography, pottery and glass.  You know i will take pictures and post them once the show is on.

If you are attending, here is the floorplan, and I had to highlight our space: