Great Lakes Art Fair and our weekend in Novi, Michigan

We looked forward to this art show with such great joy, because the facility is so clean, and well organized, and the marketing for it is sensational.  And as you may have followed me in instagram or facebook, we worked hard to get ready for it.   This year our booth was moved down a bit from the location we had last year.  We were so glad they let us drive into the facility to unload…. with the pouring rain it might have been ugly to load up from outside.    We made some changes to our space and display to polish it up a bit…. and we loved how it looked. One major upgrade was using grid walls for the silk, hung on black hangers from “waterfall” racks.  I actually surveyed the art community for ideas to improve my presentation, and they suggested a combination of ways of displaying the work.  Hangers allow the work to be flat, and viewable, while hung through the grid allowed pops of color and pattern.  And I always like to offer an educational piece to my display – describe the work, describe the process, and hopefully this adds value to our work.  We also used grid walls with corner shelving to feature the specialty soaps…. We need to work more on the placement of the corner rack, because it did not get the exposure I would have hoped for.  Here are some scenes of our booth:

And we met such great artists.  Kind and talented creatives that love life, and relish the opportunity to share their talents with admiring art lovers.  Here are some scenes from the art fair and the amazing wonderful artists we met: