Review of a great weekend

We put some traveling miles on our van this past weekend, spending Saturday at Vermilion in Bloom garden sale, and spent Sunday at Penitentiary Glen earth day in lake county.  Vermilion is a favorite stop for us – we love the ladies of Vermilion in Bloom, and this is a fabulous garden sale.  Its organized by Sandy Kish Jordan, and she does an incredible job gathering the vendors, nurseries, artists, and laying out the place.  They advertise well, and the crowd comes with intention and purpose.  Hard to believe this was our 4th year there… and we will always try to go back there for this event!!!  It was so busy that we missed out on the opportunity to buy the garden trellis raffle gloves…. Its a Chinese auction on steroids…. crazy great!

And we rolled out our first batch of Jewelweed soap (Natural remedy for poison ivy) and our Don’t Bug Me!!! Soap and Lotion Bar for bug repellent that is natural, using only great moisturizing blend of oils and essential oils designed to keep the bugs from bothering you, and all chemical free!!!! Sold like crazy, in fact we sold out saturday of the lotion bars.  So we have some production to do!!!


And earth day at Penitentiary Glen in Lake county was very nice, although a cold wind blew through the circus tent we were set up in.  We were basking in the sunshine, warming by the sunny glow!!!  It was a wonderful weekend of catching up with old friends and making new ones.  An old friend and fellow artist, Linda Zolton Wood, was there promoting her rain barrel project and bringing her art.  She brought another friend, and fellow artists, Cyndi Konopka, who up-cycles kitchen things into amazing bird feeders.    We were cold and tired but blessed.  Wanted to so share some photos of our weekend: