Art fair – 5 more tips

What else can you possibly need to know to participate in an art fair?  Recently I posted 5 tips for doing an art show, and that brought more ideas about art fairs. Here goes:

  1. Do you have the right equipment?  When you make the decision to apply for a show you should remember that display tables tongue and all of the table coverings are your responsibility. More often than not dad is an expensive upfront that will pay off in the long run.recently I became aware of the wonderful place for purchasing used equipment. You may wish to check out art fair and look for their classified ads. Remember they are a national organization so adds may be for part of the country far from you, or they may require a large cost for shipping.
  2. How well is the event to advertise? If there is good news media coverage and advertising it might ensure a larger crowd of buyers. Frankly this is not always true because we just attended a lovely Art Fair that was highly advertised but it just fell on a week when a lot of people were on vacation.
  3. How open are you to visiting with your neighbors and establishing friendships? By neighbors I mean those people who are assigned to booths Near to you at the art fair. We have made some great contacts with people that we’ve remained friends with for five years now who have the same passion for developing a business and creating  their art. Fellow artist love the sense of community and most will be willing to help you with information insight and recommendations. I’ve gotten some of the best tips and some of the greatest leads from fellow artists and art shows.
  4. Do you have a plan for how we will lay out your booth, display your goods, and market yourself at the art fair? It’s really important to know how much space you have and think through where the crowds will be coming from so the maximum view of your booth is your full product line. The way that you place your products may vary depending on space assigned.  We have roughly 4 different set up arrangements and any variation of the four will often be used. Recently we’ve adapted using grid walls which is nice for elevating and presenting a wider display of merchandise.  Something simple like trying out a floor plan of the 10 x 10 space might allow you to play with the size of your tables racks grades and create your various arrangements.
  5. Can you set your booth up yourself? It’s always a concern that physical limitations might limit what you can do is artist. I’m so grateful to have a husband who strong and willing to help set up a tent work with me to set up displays but frankly the tent itself is more than I can handle alone. So be thinking of your physical capabilities when you’re planning to enter art fairs and specifically  outdoor events.