Bumps to bows baby boutique- review

its a new thing- it’s a handcrafted event marketed to pregnant, and new moms, with ~50 vendors that sell everything from baby bow headbands to clothing, quilts, amazing plush stuffed animals (normal, adorable and sweet ones) to photography services, newborn services, to soap.  The neighbor vendor next to me makes amazing sweet baby things, and the two gals behind me knit and crochet beautiful things. 

Off the blocks it was busy, with quite the buzz, but as the day meandered on things slowed down, to the point I needed to write this blog or I would fall asleep.   Early on we had a visit from a potbelly pig in a stroller.  Chick magnet was the pig… Almost everyone in the room came running to it.

The event was nice, but a bit sleepy… And it was one more sign that we are moving in a different direction.   Most fellow venders referred to themselves as crafters, and called this a craft show.  (If you know me you will know that makes me bristle because “craft” is linked in my mind with grandma’s crochet toilet paper covers, and such). Well, it was at least a beautiful day.  We made new friends.  Here are some photos of the day: