Third Friday is coming up this week!

And we have a crazy busy week preparing for this weekend.  And i have to tell you this is one of our most favorite weekends of the year.


Thursday is the grand opening of the Spring Show “Spring Sense of Wonder”  for the Log Cabin Gallery in Peninsula, and this is going to be special.  We loaded up the soap, select wire crochet, and unique fiber wearable art for this show only.  We have cute little soap egg baskets, and Dont bug me lotion bars, jewelweed soap for poison ivy, and a lot more good things.  The Log Cabin Gallery is located at 1671 Main Street, Peninsula, Ohio, located in the beautiful National Park.  Charm abounds.


First up is Third Friday at 78th Street Studios on friday evening from 5p-9p. We are so thankful to be invited into the studio of Jeff Dube and Allen Kradlak, located on the 2nd floor of the building.  Its a fun evening, with a lot of vibrant activity, art, music and good food.  There is something special about the atmosphere of friday evening that you have to visit.  New to us this month is our “Don’t Bug Me!!!” Lotion Bars that offer a nice moisturizing lotion, with the benefits of the blend of essential oils that repel bugs.  We also have a nice selection of our beer soaps.  We always keep it fresh, and mix up the blend of our soaps and products.


And then Saturday and Sunday is Hessler Street Fair.  We have received our confirmation, and we will be in the same location as last year… Booth 28.  Its a great weekend, lots of amazing artists, talented musicians, and a fun vantage for people watching.  As you can see in the photo above, the booth can fill quickly  but it is so much fun.  Hessler street is located off of Ford Road, and just due north of Euclid Avenue.  If you find the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, cross Euclid and walk up Ford one block to Hessler!!!!!!

Plan public transportation if possible because parking becomes quite an adventure…. although the parking lot at University Hospitals is near…. Don;t Miss this one.