Whats happening this weekend?


Today, Friday is Third Friday and we are rolling out to 78th Street Studios to celebrate the evening along with Jeff Dube and Allen Kradlak, and Lisa of Curvey willow Studios… You will find us hanging out in studio 203.  78th-st-3rdWe are excited to see the new gallery space of Sandy Miller, the potter. Her work is exquisite and so very Japanese in influence and style.  She relocated her space to one across the hall from 203… i bet it will be beautiful.  Check out the video that was produced to explain the this evening.  Click to see the video.   As you wander about 78th Street Studios you a re bound to run into a friendly mutt named Jack.  Jack lives in the building, and he is only friendly if he sees you have food in your hands.  Eternally hopeful of handouts, snacks, and treats Jack roams about the building visiting, mingling and having a great time.  He is an icon of the place, and a must see.   There is a full pinball parlor on the third floor, which i am told is the only one remaining in Cleveland.  Love the sound of bells, and flippers… come out  and check it out.


sHHSgarden14Sunday we turn our sights to Shaker Heights, and the Shaker Historical Society’s annual garden tour and garden market.   Shaker Historical Society makes its home in a grand mansion once owned by one of the architects that worked with the famous Van Swerengen brothers who developed the Terminal Tower, the rapid lines, and the planned community which we know as Shaker Heights.  The tour leaves the mansion for a wonderful tour of a sensitively restored Shaker mansion and gardens.  While waiting we offer a little market in the front lawn of the gracious estate.  Even if you are not planning to attend the garden tour, why not stop by and check out the garden market.  It is rain or shine… so if the skys turn dark put on that raincoat, grab your umbrella and come on down.  A walk through the museum at the mansion is worth the drive.  Gracious reminder of a special era in time when architecture, and artisinal skills were beyond compare.