Drumroll Please……. Tremont has juried


For the previous 16 years Steve and I have been a part of the Tremont Art and Culture Festival in one way or another.  The first eight years Steve was a staff member of Tremont, so we were the free volunteer labor force to help pull the festival together, and take it down, booth sit, organize the art raffle, and on and on…. In 2010 we broke that pattern by crossing the fence into the artist side.  That year I was an emerging artist, displaying a parse amount of hand dyed silk scarves, and “reblooming bags” made from recycling plastic grocery bags.  Humble start, but then the following year we submitted our application and photos for jury to be full fledged artist vendors.  I remember that hot July day when an envelope appeared in our mailbox from Tremont.  I was nervous to open it, fearing we were not meeting the criteria of the festival…. but then the news “Welcome! We have juried your submission and wish to welcome you to Tremont Art and Culture Festival.”


Things are changing with art festivals, moving toward more email, electonic submission and electronic response… and that said I am delighted to say that last night we received word that we have been juried into the 2015 Tremont Art and Culture Festival.  Save the date for Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20th at Lincoln Park in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, also known as the old south side.  Our tent will be ready, and we are very honored that the jurors accepted us again.  I have plans to bring a few more exciting fiber things to the table for Tremont…. Save the Date!  See You there!