More great news

We have had applications out with a number of art events, and were just waiting for the word from each as to whether or not we would be accepted to events.  For those who do not know the process, there is always an application, and requirements include photos of our products, and one of our booth.  The committee organizing the art event often will then convene and review all applications, and photos for fit, quality of work, and appropriateness to the spirit of the event.  So we are always snapping photos, building a file of sexy photos of our work, and attractive marketing photos of our business.

Anyway, this past week has been a flood of news – all good.  Here are a few things we are confirming on our schedule:

warehouse districtSunday, August 2 from Noon-8pm we will be at the Warehouse District Street Fair.  The Warehouse district is located in downtown Cleveland, due west of Public Square in an area of the city that dates to the turn of the last century.  Many of the old warehouse buildings have been renovated into apartments and condominiums, with flourishing restaurants, night spots, and an active community.  The Warehouse District Street Fair will be on West 6th Street from Frankfort to Lakeside Avenue.  Food, Entertainment, Art, Street Performers.  The neighborhood has grown into a live work neighborhood over the past 25 years, starting with artists seeking inexpensive rent in the old warehouses, giving vision to the world of the potential of this location.  These days there are some seriously high end rentals, and a 95% occupancy.  This festival is new for us to participate in, but it harkens back to the early days of Steve’s college internship when he worked for the Warehouse District Community Development Corp. So much has changed since the late 90’s and while we have watched the exponential growth, it will be fun to be part of it for a day!

Affair on the Square is August 09 from 11a – 5p in Medina’s Public Square.  Medina is new territory for us also, so we are excited to give it a try, and meet new artists, and expand our opportunity.  Medina Square is charming, and harkens to an old New England town, with rows of shops neatly lining the perimeter of the square.

schedelloSchedello! Art and Music Festival is on August 15-16 at the Schedel Gardens, in Elsmore, Ohio (just east of Toledo).  The gardens of Schedel are breathtaking and precisely maintained.  One of the features is a japanese garden with a drum bridge, and arch… situated along a canal… breathtaking.  This year will be our second year participating (the event is only 2 years old), and attracts a well curated selection of artists from around the country.  Fitting to see such beautiful work in such a beautiful setting.  We are hopeful this year that the rain will stay away.

2015 yorkfestYorkfest is an art festival located in the historic town of York, Pennsylvania that will be held the last weekend of August.  This will be our second year participating in this event.  We love that the town is so charming, and they use the “rails and trails” which are beautiful tree lined paths that run along the banks of the Codorus river.  This festival attracts a number of artists from multiple states.  The big bonus is we get to share the weekend with our Aunt Alice.  she is a sweet heart that live 45 minutes from York.  We are excited for seeing her… not so much the 8 hour drive each way!!!

hale4And the one we great worried we were too late on was Made in Ohio, held at Hale Farm and Village in Bath Ohio on Labor Day weekend.  I usually have the application and check to them by March 1, but this year i just submitted it 3 weeks a go because funds were tight.  When i checked with the organizer she told me ours was in the pile to jury, but they had only 6 spots left.  When we got the acceptance letter I was giddy with joy because i was certain that we were too late.  Hale comes to life with every path to the village lined with artists and handcrafters, and food purveyors.  In previous years we were on the village green, at the trail head… a good place, with lots of foot traffic.  The bonus is that the historic village structures a re opened, and the historic reenactors are there.


There a re still a few applications out there for fall… and i will update as we have news.  For now we are celebrating this news, and working hard to prepare for these events!!!!